Smt. Vempati Nageswari


Smt. Vempati Nageswari, director of 'Sri Vempati Venkata Narayana Kakatiya Nritya Kalakshetram', has been teaching Kuchipudi dance from the past 35 yrs. Nageswari garu is an exceptional teacher and has choreographed numerous solo dances and dance dramas. Over these years, hundreds of students have graduated from her dance school and have been recognized at state, national and international level through performances and competitions. Many of her students are the recipients of National Dance Scholarship from CCRT (Center for Cultural Resources and Training) and are recognized as B grade artists by Indian Doordharshan Television. They have also performed and participated in various dance competitions hosted by various television channels, like Saptagiri, Zemini, ETV. Nageswari garu has also served as judge for these dance competitions on numerous occasions. Most of her graduated students have acquired the Certificate and Dilpoma in Dance degrees, as well.

Nageswari garu, believes that performing on stage and revelation to audience, helps an artist to demonstrate and improve her/his skills. She continues to provide platforms to her students, by participating in various events like Shatavahana festivals, Kakatiya festivals, Annamayya festivals, AP day India International trade fair, YMCA national dance competitions, Rajamandry Kalajyothi dance competitions etc., all over India. 50 students from her dance school participated in both 2nd and 3rd International Kuchipudi Dance conventions, hosted by Silicon Andhra, in the years 2010 and 2012 and received Guinness book record title.

Her dance drama choreographies , including, Bhaktha Siriyala, Bhaktha Prahlada, Chamundi Mahatyam, Chenchu seema lo sirivennela, Sri Krishna Satya received nationwide accolades.

Today, her dedicated students are spreading the knowledge they have gained from her, both in India and abroad.